About This Blog and the Guy Who Writes It

What started out as an “all about writing” blog morphed into “all about content marketing.” Both involve writing and communicating, so it’s a logical transition. It’s still about playing with words, just with a different purpose.

Who is David Workman?

Currently the Content Marketing Manager for a major tactical gear company, I’ve spent over 20 years writing advertising and marketing copy, PR, and web content that has generated millions of dollars in revenue for three Fortune 500 companies and various smaller businesses. During that time I also wrote two books: one non-fiction and one fiction. (You really should buy one of each. They’re pretty entertaining.)


3 thoughts on “About This Blog and the Guy Who Writes It

  1. Absolute Authority was great! Looking forward to the sequel!

    I met you in creve coeur last month, my girlfriend was looking for enginnering books, I was drawn to fiction 🙂

    1. Brady, I’m glad you liked it! Yes, I remember exactly who you are. Thanks again for coming to the book signing. It was great to meet both of you. Did she ever find the engineering books she was looking for? I’m working on the sequel to Absolute Authority as we speak; look for it later this summer.

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