So What Do Writers Really Do?

If you’re Stephen King or Ridley Pearson, you have the privilege of writing, well, pretty much all the time. Those two authors have sold enough books that they spend most of their days and nights either writing more books or skipping from town to town speaking to large gatherings and signing thousands of copies of their latest bestseller. Congrats to them; we want to grow up to be just like you.

For the rest of us, however, as much as we’d like to spend all our days isolated in a small outbuilding in a remote location, a fire crackling behind a stone hearth as the snow falls gently outside the window, our fingers dancing across the keyboard as the words just naturally flow like Mozart composing an opera…that’s probably not the life we actually live. We have other responsibilities. For instance, I’m a husband, dad, brother, college baseball umpire, and marketing coordinator. That’s what I do in real life. What I do on the side is write books. It’s how I make a very small living, with the hope that one day it will make me rich. Or at the very least put my now-small kids through college. In the meantime, I have a “real job.”

What are some of the things you do besides write books? Or if you are now a self-supporting author, what did you do before the money started rolling in? Share your experiences in the comments below.


The Book Terrifies Me…

…and I haven’t even read it yet. I’m still debating whether I want to. Not because I doubt it’s good — it has received rave reviews — but I’m afraid I may never leave the house or help anyone ever again. I’ll just turn into myself and never offer assistance to even the most needy, especially when my two small kids are with me.

What book is it? Cruelty to Innocents: The 911 Abductions, by DJ Weaver & CK Webb.

Here’s the premise, according to the publisher section on Amazon:

What if you were in your car alone with your small child and you came upon an emergency scene? Would you stop to help? What if, while you are trying to assist a victim of an accident or mugging, you left your young child alone in the car, thinking he or she would be safe. What if, instead of help, the call to 911 brought a terrifying, sinister result?

Someone’s abducting children from 911 emergency scenes in Aberdeen, Maryland, while their parents call for help and lend aid to accident victims. Someone who’s also listening in, is a monster and vicious child abductor. In the midst of the chaos and confusion of the scene, that monster slips in and steals the innocent children leaving behind no trace for authorities.

Sloanne Kelly is unprepared for what awaits in her hometown as she travels back to Maryland. Her goddaughter is one of the victims and the clock is ticking. Together with her best friend and a local fireman, Shawn Tyler, Sloanne will face the most insidious of criminals and fight to recover the children before there is anymore, Cruelty to Innocents.

I’ve downloaded the sample copy for my Kindle, wary that I might not make it through the whole thing and still sleep at night. Granted, it’s only $2.99 for the e-version. But at what price, sleep? [Shiver!]

If you love thrillers and can stomach the idea that it could happen to you, then pick up your copy today!

Now Touting…Me!

Today was a DUH moment. I was sitting here trying desperately to think of today’s topic, when all of a sudden I was reminded of a phone conversation I had a long time ago (about 11:15 this morning) wherein I mentioned that I had written a book on real estate. The conversation rested there for a few moments before we moved on.

And then it hit me. While I’ve been touting all these other authors, what about me? I wrote a book! Really! Granted, it’s not some gripping, compelling thriller (unlike my upcoming novel), but it’s interesting just the same. Wanna find out? Check it out here.

Happy learning!