A History of Social Media – and its Future?

Have you ever wondered how we got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms? Like so many other phenomena, social media didn’t just spring up overnight.

Certain factors had to be in place for us to accept it.

But who invented it all? And what were those factors? Why was the world so eager to embrace these new techie goodies and share everything they ever do with everyone they know?

Did we really need to see that amazing meal you just ate at the pricy restaurant? Apparently so, because those pics are everywhere!

For Millennials and anyone younger, it’s always been there. My kids – ages 2, 7, and 9 – will never know a day when social media and all its accessories didn’t exist. They constantly ask to use my phone, but not for calling anyone.

Their very first pictures, when they were freshly hatched, popped up on Facebook within minutes of that glorious event. Within an hour, everyone had seen their chubby little pink cheeks, many on their mobile devices.

Like everything else in life, social media has changed over the years. What’s different? And what was it like before you discovered it and signed up?

Content marketing giant NewsCred has put together a brief chronology of how social media came to be. And, of course, as this is December and a new year is fast approaching, they made some predictions of how social media may change in 2016 and beyond. Enjoy!


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