7 Tools of the Trade

Content writers don’t all work for the companies for which they write. Some work for themselves.

Freelancers make up a significant portion of content contributors.

Typically, freelancers get very little support from their clients. Not that the clients don’t care; they just expect freelancers to work autonomously and do their jobs as the experts they purport to be.

But sometimes freelancers do need help. Not because they don’t know that they are doing. They usually do. But because we don’t know everything (shocker!) and might need some help organizing our work.

Finding resources in general is easy, thanks to the omniscient Google machine. Finding the specific resources you need in particular might be a bit more daunting.

Staying organized can be a challenge, especially remembering where you put all that excellent research you just did on the article that is due Friday.

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies dying to help you!

Here is a great list from my friends at The Write Life to help keep you organized and put the research you need right at your fingertips.

Enjoy! And happy freelancing!


One thought on “7 Tools of the Trade

  1. Love the “omniscient Google” term!

    Yes, staying organized with stuff on the computer is hard. I always have to think where I put that Powerpoint or is it a Google slide show or was it a SmartNotebook?

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