New Book Radio Interview – Listen In!

Many of you know I recently published a new book on high school and college umpires — not a dry, boring textbook for the men in blue, but a fun and enlightening read for you, the fans. Thanks to childhood friend Matt Pauley, I was featured on a drive-time radio interview with him on Tuesday afternoon on 1300 The Animal, a sports talk station out in Colorado Springs.

Take a listen!

While you’re listening, check out the book on Amazon.

Umpire Book Cover

Here’s the write-up from the back cover to give you an idea what it’s all about:

It’s an annual rite of passage. Every spring, baseball players of all ages launch a new season full of hits, runs, errors, and lots of life lessons playing the game they love. They hustle, they throw, they bust their tails to win. But what about the guys who call the games? Who are the umpires? Where do they come from? And why on Earth would anyone want to become one?

Veteran umpire David Workman takes you through the story of the guys behind the masks, into the little known world of the men in blue — not the Major League guys, but the ones who work your son’s games.

In this unique exposé, you’ll discover:
• Who becomes an umpire and why
• What it takes to get started and move up
• Weird rules that even the best umpires get wrong
• Why certain rules are different between high school, college, and pro
• Baseball myths you thought were true but aren’t
• What umpires and coaches really talk about during arguments
• Why umpires hate ejections
• Funny stories and anecdotes from years behind the plate
…and more!
So pull up a chair because it’s…Reader Up!


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