Reader Up!

Many of my loyal fans have been asking about the sequel to my novel Absolute Authority. “When will it be out? How far along are you? I’m dying here!” is a common theme. I know, I know, I’m way behind schedule.

Real life kinda got in the way. You know, stuff like my day job (also as a writer, yay!), the birth of our third child (also yay!), and baseball season. So it’s been pushed back a bit.

But speaking of baseball season…I do have a new book coming out, and it’s all about the national pastime. Not the players, not any kind of history, but a new approach, one that to my knowledge has never been done before. (How’s that for a setup?)

Have you ever wondered who the umpires are at a high school baseball game? Who are they and where do they come from? There are tons of really good books out there about professional umps, the guys who work the big league games. But what about the little guys, the ones who bust their tails to work Johnny’s after school game on a Monday afternoon in early season March chill? Or the guys who work multiple games on a hot and steamy Saturday afternoon in the middle of July? Who are these guys?

In the non-fiction book Come on, Blue! A Fan’s Guide to Umpiring, I’ll take you through my personal journey of becoming an umpire, retell some of the funny stories that have happened to me and others along the way, and clear up some of the classic baseball myths that so many fans think are true. (Did you know the tie really doesn’t go to the runner?)

The project is now in the hands of the cover designer. As soon as he is done making it all look good, I’ll announce the definite release date, which will be very soon. Yes, football season is fast approaching, but baseball season isn’t over yet. And as they say in Chicago, there’s always next year.


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