5 Big Things People Should Know About Self-Published Authors

Many of you know I self-published Absolute Authority through CreateSpace, Amazon’s publishing house. This was not because the book wasn’t good enough to get published the traditional way. It was. But after going through the agony of querying ad nauseum, I did the math and figured out I was better off not waiting around any longer and just getting the book out there. I have two sequels planned (one in the works as we speak) and did not want to delay too long and thus lose my momentum. So I decided on purpose to self-publish.

There was a time not so long ago that self-publishing was strictly taboo if you ever wanted to be taken seriously as an author. Thankfully, those days are long gone. The stigma has worn off and authors are free to be more creative and not get stuck in the mass production assembly line of traditional publishing. With a little imagination and some help from other successful authors and marketers, writers can now break out of the industrial publishing mold and succeed on their own, often with very little expense. There has also been a resurgence of independent bookstores happy to support fellow renegades by prominently displaying their books on the front shelves. They also aren’t afraid to charge full price and reap the rewards for both store owner and author.

But even though self-publishing is much more widely accepted as legitimate, there are still some misconceptions out there. Here are 5 Big Things People Should Know About Self-Published Authors.


3 thoughts on “5 Big Things People Should Know About Self-Published Authors

  1. She has an interesting take on the subject, although I don’t entirely agree with her. SOME small presses do nothing – and many authors have little support from Big Six/Five publishers. Sadly, many SP books are published because they’re poorly written; because everyone thinks writing is easy and that anyone can do it. Many of them shouldn’t even try.

  2. I agree with your comment about some small presses doing nothing. That is certainly the case with many boutique houses that have insufficient financial backing to adequately support their authors, which is a shame since many of those authors really do deserve the support. As for bad writers who self-publish, yes, there are plenty of those. There are also plenty of terrible writers who by some freak of nature manage to get published a big name publishing house. I shake my head every time.

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