Plots Alive in “Dead Peasants”

As a reviewer, I often receive advanced copies of new novels by people I’ve never heard of. Sometimes it’s because it’s a debut from an unknown writer, other times the author is unfamiliar to me because the book is just out of my typical genre. Such was the case when I opened the envelope holding Dead Peasants, the third legal thriller by Larry D. Thompson. I had never heard of Thompson, but judging the book by its cover (ha!), I thought it was probably worth the read. I was right.

Mega-successful attorney Jack Bryant has already won several landmark cases throughout his illustrious career, netting him all the money he needs to retire comfortably to Fort Worth and watch his son play football for TCU. Life is good. It’s time for some R&R. But when a local widow knocks on the door of his new non-profit law office one day and shows him a life insurance check for her recently-deceased husband made out to a local car dealership and Jack’s new love interest is almost killed in what was supposed to look like an accident, Jack’s easy retirement gets a little more hectic.

Filled with suspense and more than a little mystery, Dead Peasants will keep you plugged in all the way to the end.


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