The Single Best Way to Get New Blog Readers

How do you get more people to read your blog? What is the single best trick to capture more readers? What’s the absolute best to way to generate immediate excitement and persuade more people they should click over and read what you wrote?

Did that opening paragraph grab your attention? Are you dying to find out what this amazing tip is? Well, do yourself a favor and go back and read the opening paragraph again. Now go back to Facebook or wherever you saw this post and take a look at it one more time. Notice anything? It’s a trick newspaper editors and marketing experts have been using for centuries: an opening paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention right from the first word.

In the news industry it’s called the lead. It’s a quick summary of the entire story’s most important highlights in the very first paragraph. In marketing, it’s called the hook because it reels the reader in and, if done right, won’t let go.

Why is this so important in a blog? After all, you’re not writing news or marketing, so why should it matter? It matters because you’re still trying to capture readership and gain subscribers.

Take another look at the Facebook page where you saw this. How much of the blog appears in that tiny window? It’s basically the first few lines. Which means that’s all readers are going to see before they decide whether to either click and read (yay!) or ignore and move on (boo!).

Now, obviously the rest of your blog needs to be interesting and informative in order to maintain the new readers and develop a loyal following, so don’t neglect the rest of your content. But pay special attention to the opening lines. They will make or break your blog’s popularity.


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