Amazon: the Google of the Book Publishing World?

Authors and book buyers alike know what a joy it is to just click and order a paper book or an e-book from Amazon and it miraculously appears on your front porch a couple days later or on your e-reader (preferably Kindle, according to Amazon) instantly. The online bookseller even “learns” your reading habits (based on past purchases) and recommends your next purchase with new titles that might interest you. It’s like magic!

Recently, however, there has been some concern that the Amazon pixie dust might not be so fantastic if you’re a bookstore or a traditional publishing agent. The online bookseller has had a self-publishing service, CreateSpace, for some time now and has helped thousands of budding authors get published on their own. But according to reports, including this one, it’s not just the self-publishing market that Amazon wants anymore.

The selling giant is grabbing a larger portion of the traditional publishing world now, too, stepping on the once-sacred toes of agents and long-established publishing houses used to controlling what gets put on store shelves.

Is this a good move or a bad move? How will it affect authors, especially new ones, and the processing of publishing and selling books? Tell me what you think by posting a comment here.


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