Rejected How Many Times?! The Story of Kathryn Stockett

If you’ve ever tried to publish a book, you know the famous R word: rejection. More accurately, agent rejection. You’ve polished and edited your manuscript, which you just know will be an international bestseller, and have written a fantastic query, which you sent off to the right kinds of agents because you did your homework on the genres they represent, and then you waited. And you waited. And you waited. Then finally, one glorious day, you opened the mailbox (e- or real) and there was a letter from one of the agents. Giddily you clicked Open or tore the top of the envelope and extracted the letter. Yay! You couldn’t read fast enough!

That is until you got to the words “no, thank you.” Your shoulders slumped, your heart sank, and you sat stunned that someone would dare say such horrible words about your beloved manuscript. How could they? Don’t they know good writing when they see it?

Welcome to the world of publishing. It’s a cruel civilization, but one that you can conquer if you try hard enough. Just ask Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help. The name or title ring a bell? Even if you haven’t read the book, I’m sure you’re aware of the upcoming movie release. Would you believe she was rejected 60 times? Sixty times! Yet she persevered.

Read her story here. And let it be an encouragement to you when you receive that next “no, thank you” and want to quit. Don’t. Keep going. Your day will come.


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