Social Media & Book Sales

Confession time: like almost everyone else, most of my time on Facebook is spent chatting with friends, commenting (wittily, I think) on status updates, and finding more friends — mostly authors — with whom I can connect. I spend very little time actually accomplishing anything. Am I the only one who does this? I can’t be alone. Human nature says we’d rather goof off than do, well, just about anything else. True for you?

But I probably need to change all that, or at least some of it. See, I have spent the majority of my professional career in marketing and advertising, with organizations small and large, and have seen the way social media have changed how word gets out about products and services. Being an author trying to sell books, I have dramatically underutilized Facebook and other social media. Or at least I think I have. Have I? Have you?

Tell me how you have used Facebook and other social media, such as Twitter, to further your writing career. Have you held contests? Giveaways? Announced book signings? Touted your new release to all your friends? What kind of responses have you received? Did you actually sell more books?

Share your stories in the comments section. Together we can all learn more about how to use social media more effectively.


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