Writer’s Guide to e-Publishing

Amazon announced last week that for the first time e-books outsold printed books on their site. While it wasn’t a huge difference in total sales (about 51%-49%), the news goes a long way to fuel the question that has been bantered about ever since e-readers were invented: Will printed books eventually go away all together? While it’s way too early to answer that with any real quantified data, certainly the trend seems to be leaning toward e-books gaining more and more market share. I highly doubt the printed book will go away entirely, as many people (including me) like the experience of the feel and smell of paper and binding in their hands. But you can’t beat the convenience of the quick download and easy portability of the e-book. So we’ll see their popularity continue to grow.

What does this all mean if you’re an author? Lots of things. One resource that will help you sort it all out and stay on top of what’s going on in the e-book market is The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing. This great blog is full of resources and stories to help you set up your e-book and then how to market it for maximum exposure and readership. I highly recommend this blog, especially if you’re new to publishing in the electronic age.


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