Self vs. Traditional: a Conversation over Coffee

Which are you: a self-publisher or a traditionalist? Both? Never tried one or the other? Well, the other day, Self and Traditional sat down together at one of those fancy coffee joints to hack out their differences. The conversation went something like this…

Self: Mocha with extra drizzle? Pretty fancy!

Traditional: I like all the bells and whistles.

Self: But underneath it’s still just coffee.

Traditional: What kind did you get?

Self: The house brew. Then I added cream and sugar.

Traditional: So you like the do-it-yourself approach, eh?

Self: Something like that. See, it’s cheaper that way. I’m not paying extra for all that other stuff I don’t need.

Traditional: Maybe not, but you didn’t get syrup in yours. It doesn’t taste the same.

Self: No, I guess not.

Traditional: Did you want additional flavor?

Self: It would have been nice, but not necessary. I can still enjoy my coffee without it. And I still get the caffeine rush. Yours cost more. Was it worth it?

Traditional: Did it really? I mean, think about how much it costs to brew a simple cup of coffee. Yet they charged you how much? You really think you got such a great deal?

Self: Yeah, but look how much other stuff is in your cup other than coffee. You got all that fancy stuff with only a few ounces of actual coffee, yet our cups are the same size. And you paid twice as much.

Traditional: But I didn’t have to make my own. All I did was order it and it came complete, ready to enjoy. No self-service required.

Self: But it’s still coffee either way, right?

Traditional: Right.

Self: And we still enjoy the buzz of a fresh cup, yes?

Traditional: Yes. We just got there different ways.


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