A Book About Marketing Books — A Novel Idea

Most authors just write. They don’t market. It’s not because they can’t; it’s just not what they do well. Authors write books and hope that somehow, some way their adoring public will find the new book and race out to the bookstore to grab up enough copies to give to all their relatives for Christmas, birthday, Easter, New Year’s Day, Tuesday…whatever day! But that’s not really how it works. Miracles do happen, but don’t go expecting them.

Instead, grab ahold of your own marketing and make it happen on your own! (Scared yet? Don’t be.) A novelist herself, Tonya Kappes has co-authored a great book on how to grab marketing by the horns and make it work for you, not against you. Kappes and fellow writer Melissa Bourbon put their heads and experience together to bring you The Tricked-Out Toolbox: Promotion and Marketing Tools Every Writer Needs.

Order your copy today. And when you’re done, leave a nice note at the bottom so other authors will know how helpful it was!


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