New Blog! How Boring! (Or Not!)

If I’m going to take this author stuff seriously (which I am), then I better throttle myself up to the 21st century and start a blog just like everyone else. How boring, right? I mean, everyone has a blog, right? Not so fast, Buck Rogers! You see, the face of publishing has changed from what it was even five years ago. Back then (the good ol’ days) it was almost unheard of for anyone to have a blog. Blogs were not popular, many of the blog sites we have today didn’t even exist, and nobody really paid any attention to blogs. They were firmly entrenched in the mythological land of Geekdom. No normal person had a blog. If you wanted to get noticed in the tight-knit publishing world, you had to win writing contests, publish short stories, write magazine articles, and then, and only then, maybe, just maybe you might build up enough street cred to submit an actual manuscript of your first book with a credible quiery letter, hoping you’d get lucky and someone will have read enough of your stuff to agree that you can write.

But as usual, things changed, much of that laundry list of poodle hoops has disappeared, and now you’re considered an outcast in the publishing world if you don’t have a blog. Everyone has one. The Jones and all their neighbors as far as the eye can see publish electronically on a regular basis — not necessarily daily but often enough to keep up a loyal following.

The blog has become the new writing contest. Publishers and agents troll for blogs all the time to see the latest trends and (they hope) identify new and upcoming authors who might breathe excitement into a sometimes desolate publishing landscape. As the e-reader has changed the way books are produced, the blog has changed the way authors are discovered.

Blogs are also a great way to meet other authors, both established and budding, and exchange ideas through comments and links back to other authors’ blogs. Sometimes entire books can be written about the material exchanged across blogs.

So hop onto my blog, post comments, contribute material, and subscribe so all the new posts get sent to your e-mail box and you won’t miss a thing. Who knows, maybe you’ll become famous!


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